Indian traditional clothing for women

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India has very diversified cultures across it’s geography. Each culture has its own unique clothing culture. 28 States of India have a certain set of classified category and every category has its own history. But still there are few common and widely acceptable Indian Traditional Clothing across states.

Saree (Sari)

Saree is very popular Indian ethnic wear which is acceptable in almost every culture of India. Only the design and fabrics get changed and in a few cases the style of wearing it too. Most popular and most versatile clothing of India. Probably the most ancient clothing as the traces of Saree is found in Indus Valley Civilisations too. Read more about Saree (Click Here).

Saree has many style and designs. Handloom Saree, Chanderi Silk, Banarasi Silk, Kanjivaram, Bomkai, Bandhni and many more are the types of saree based on region and fabrics. It also can be categorised on basis of designs like Mangalgiri, Half & Half, Teen Pan, Nutan Temple, Ikkat, Jharna etc.

Salwar Kurta (Salwar Kameez)

Salwar Kurta is a feminine version of Kurta Pyjama and this style of Indian clothing have equal love from both genders. Most commonly accepted clothing in any urban and semi-urban area. It is very popular among all age group and gradually it has increased its reach in rural India too.

Adding to fashion, Anarkali Kurta and Churidar Salwar are the trends in Salwar Kurta. There are many type of kurti like Chikankari Kurta those are very famous in north India.

Lehnga Chunri

Be it festival or any wedding, Lehnga is the first choice of any women especially women in the age group of 20s to 30s. A part of very old Hindu tradition, changed its appearance slightly to fit in modern fashion. The bottom part is also known as Ghaghra or Chaniya. Lehnga is one of the most appreciated clothing as per the Hindu culture and considered a sattvik clothing at the spiritual level as well.

Ghaghra Choli or Chaniya Choli

Very similar to lehnga, Ghaghra Choli has a separate fan base in India and very popular in Rajasthan and Gujrat. With heavy Gota Patti work in the bottom part which is termed as Ghaghra or Chaniya. During the Navratri festival, it becomes a favorite for all age group women. Garba dance is never complete without this dress.

Langa Voni

Langa Voni is quite famous clothing in South India. Few people term it is South Indian version of Ghaghra Choli, but accept the wearing style, it is very different in design and patterns. It is also known as pavadai daavani or langa davani. This is worn by mostly young-aged girls.

The bottom part is made of Sari or Sari like fabric. It appears as Half Sari. The top is Choli like cloth which is in same design and pattern as of the bottom part.

Mekhela Sador

It is traditional Assamese clothing. The bottom part is called Mekhela and the top part is called Sador. It has one more part which is called Riha. Riha is worn under Sador. This three-piece traditional dress from Assam appears very similar to Saree, but it has many patterns and design difference.


Phulkari is basically embroidery pattern of Punjab & Haryana. The cloths be it kurta, salwar or dupatta, embroidered in Phulkari pattern is usually prefixed with Phulkari.

Dupatta (Odhni)

However, Dupatta or Odhni is not complete clothing but it completes many items of clothing. Be it traditional clothing like Salwar Kurta or modern age Denim and T-shirt, it compliments all dress and gives traditional touch.

(There are many more Indian Traditional Clothings like Puan, Phiran etc., we will add their details too.)

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